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So what exactly is an online casino? Well to start we first need to mention that it operates pretty much the same as its brick and mortar predecessor, with a few key differences. As you would expect everything is online. From payments to playing the actual games to making enquires, everything is done from whatever device you are playing on. Most online casinos are compatible with mobile, tablet or PC which means accessibility is never an issue. All you need is your device and an internet connection and you are good to go.  At an online casino the RTP percentage (the amount which the game gives back to players on average) is much higher than at a physical casino. This is because the cheaper cost of running an online casino is redirected back into making players win big.

Online casino advantage

Playing online is truly an amazing experience. There is something for everyone with an abundance of various themes of games to choose from. Whether you are a big spender or someone who simply wishes to wager small amounts and build up your confidence, there is always something on offer catered to your specific needs. Playing in private means that nobody will judge you for being a “newbie”, you can gamble at your own pace and eventually become a master! At these online casinos you can find many of your favorite casino games such as baccarat, roulette, blackjack and of course slots. With the amazing advances in technology that we have seen, these games that are on offer are high quality with subversive graphics that truly give you a unique experience and provide hours of enjoyment.

As a new player you should keep an eye out for the bonus offers which these casinos offer. Some of them can really help start your online casino experience on a high. The bonus offers can be a 100% deposit bonus where they match your initial deposit, or they can give you free spins. Make sure to look around and choose the online casino with the most attractive sign up offer.

One of the most attractive part of playing online is the progressive jackpots which often see players going home as millionaires. This is more than just the big flashy promise of winning big that you see at physical casinos. online casinos are notorious for making their players millionaires. A quick search on the internet proves this. It’s no wonder so many people are moving from land-based casinos to online.

Next up is to look at the various payment methods and ensure that the online casino not only accepts your currency but also that you can deposit cash through your preferred method. Most casinos take Visa cards, but we have seen many accepting a wide variety of payment options. Once the deposit has been made, the amount will reflect as a credit amount within the online casino which can be used to place bets on whatever game you choose. When you want to withdraw your winnings, the process is usually the same and funds can be withdrawn or transferred straight into your personal account.

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We have compiled a list of great online casinos for you, that have a proven track record of providing great services to their customers. Only the best online casinos that have passed our stringent requirements have made the list. Security, efficiency, customer support and quality of their games are all the requirements which we weigh up to ensure that you are only being recommended the best casinos.

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